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Bonjuk, Korea's Leading Premium Porridge Brand, Opens its First Flagship Restaurant in Taipei, Taiwan


Taipei, Taiwan | Bonjuk, the renowned premium porridge brand from South Korea with over 2,000 franchise locations across the country, is set to make its debut in Taiwan. Opening its first flagship restaurant in Taipei on May 26th, Bonjuk aims to bring a distinct and refreshing new experience to the Taiwanese market by introducing over 20 flavors of healthy and delicious Korean cuisine.

As part of Bonjuk’s commitment to eco-friendly initiatives, customers during the opening period can look forward to a special treat. From May 26th to June 4th, customers who make purchases over 1,000 TWD will receive a limited edition Korean-branded tumbler. This exclusive gift reflects Bonjuk’s dedication to sustainability and will be available only while supplies last.

Having opened its first restaurant in 2002, Bonjuk has quickly become one of South Korea’s most beloved brands, providing a memorable dining experience to those who crave that traditional delicacy, juk (Korean-style rice porridge).

Bonjuk, widely known as the largest franchise porridge brand in Korea with over 2,000 locations, has garnered a strong following and loyal customer base. Recognized for its commitment to providing nourishing and satisfying meals, the franchise is certain it will become a must-try spot for Taiwanese consumers. As a perfect choice for a light and nutritious meal after indulging in a relatively rich and high-calorie diet, Bonjuk’s porridge offers a wide range of flavors, textures, and benefits suitable for people of all ages, from infants to the elderly.

Located adjacent to the historical and culturally significant Hwasan Cultural Creative Industrial Park in Taipei, Bonjuk’s first store in Taiwan promises a comfortable dining environment where customers can enjoy healthy and nourishing porridge. The flagship restaurant in Taiwan adheres to traditional Korean cooking methods and incorporates exclusive sauces, using high-quality rice, fresh vegetables, meat, seafood, premium abalone, ginseng, and other fresh ingredients.

The franchise has guaranteed that its service quality will remain consistent with that of a South Korean local Bonjuk, allowing customers in Taiwan to enjoy the same quality dining experience as they would in South Korea. Customers can also customize their porridge by adjusting the degree of softness in the rice grains, as well as the levels of saltiness and sweetness.

Moreover, a variety of toppings will be available to add a personal touch to each porridge bowl, offering Taiwanese fans a selection of more than 20 unique flavors. Among the recommended options are the nourishing abalone porridge series, the popular beef and vegetable porridge, the spicy octopus and kimchi porridge, and traditional Korean porridge varieties such as pine nuts and pumpkin. Notably, Bonjuk will also feature the “Bulnak-juk” which translates into Korean bulgogi beef and octopus porridge, one of its signature menus.

Emphasizing happiness and health as its core principles, Bonjuk strives to deliver a warm and heartfelt experience through its fresh ingredients and carefully crafted porridge. Furthermore, the brand has plans to introduce a series of instant porridge (retort porridge) for added convenience, enabling customers to enjoy a nourishing and satisfying meal even during outdoor activities or busy daily routines. With a single bowl of porridge, Bonjuk aims to redefine the culinary experience and inspire a new era of healthy eating habits.

Join Bonjuk in embracing a fresh dining experience and embarking on a journey of wholesome living through the nourishing power of porridge.