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Brand Overview

All things work together for good


About Bonjuk

Bonjuk, a representative Korean dining brand, was born in a small store in Daehangno in 2002. Today, it has over 2,000 franchise locations across the country.

After opening its first store in Daehangno, it surpassed 1,000 franchise locations within six years, becoming the first Korean franchise to achieve this milestone. Bonjuk has received numerous awards and accolades, including the Presidential Citation for Korean Franchise Awards and ranking first in the Korean Consumer Wellness Index (KW-WCI) for 13 consecutive years.

As a brand loved by Koreans, it has reinterpreted traditional porridge, which is rich in taste and nutrition and is easy to eat for children and the sick, to cater to modern tastes. Bonjuk is now leading the way in globalizing Korean cuisine.


Overseas Business History


  • 2022 Signs an MF contract in Taiwan and Madagascar


  • 2021 Receives the “One Million Dollar Export Tower” award from Korea International Trade Association
  • 2021 Opens its 2000th restaurant in South Korea


  • 2019 Opens its 30th international restaurant
  • 2019 Exports HMR products to North America


  • 2014 Bonworld Co., Ltd. is established


  • 2010 Receives Presidential Award for Franchise


  • 2009 Opens its 1000th restaurant in South Korea
  • 2009 Establishes Bon Love Foundation


  • 2006 Expands to Los Angeles and Japan
  • 2006 Receives Korea Representative Brand Award


  • 2002 The first Bonjuk restaurant opens in Seoul
About Us

Bon World

Bon World is the official global business representative of the Korean F&B corporate, Bon Group. Since our first overseas expansion initiative in 2006, we have launched our chain restaurants in over 17 countries, as well as offering various ready-to-eat products worldwide. We are best known for our signature ‘Bonjuk’ porridge, which presents a quality dining experience to our valued customers worldwide. Our global project comprises both restaurants and consumer packaged foods blended with globally favored flavors and modern lifestyles.


Our Goals

We one of the few companies in the F&B industry to have successfully integrated traditional Korean cuisine, also known as hansik, with modern lifestyle and taste. With over 2000 franchise locations in South Korea, we firmly believe that our recipe for customer satisfaction is bringing Bonjuk closer to becoming a global food company. Bon World is just a step away from changing the global culture with both our restaurant brands and quick-prepare meals.


All things work together for good


Our 6 Core Values

Cooperation beyond Competition

Selflessness beyond Self-interes

Value beyond Prof

Mission beyond Succ

Promise beyond Cont

Going Far beyond Going


Bon Love

At Bon World, we care and practice love for our neighbors by serving a bowl of hearty porridge.

As much as we work hard to ensure customer satisfaction, our ultimate goal is to give back. We are not just a company, but a group of good Samaritans serving people in less fortunate communities to help them live better lives.

Since March 2009, our nonprofit project, Bon Love, has consistently made initiatives worldwide.

We are on our way to changing the world by helping those in need of necessities like food and housing.


Bon World serves three main stakeholders

1 First, we serve our customers.

With over 20 years of experience, we meet customers’ best interests by providing safe and nutritious food that meets their taste and lifestyle. We suggest a lifestyle that is both delicious and healthy.

2 Second, we care for and cherish our franchisees who open and spread our brands overseas.

We provide our leading best practices and exceptional franchise education to our partners.

3 Lastly, the employees at Bon World are the ones that make all this possible.

We strive to make our workplace a great place to work by creating a comfortable work environment for all employees.

We, Bon World, promise our customers to bring them success through our experience. We shall continue to work until love and health are spread through our Korean cuisine throughout the world.

Thank you.

Choi Bok Yi Founder and CEO of Bon World