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No.1 Franchise Brand in Korea Future of Global Restaurant


Bonjuk Franchise Brands Worldwide

Bon World is growing as a global franchise with over 43 franchise stores (as of December 31, 2022) in 17 countries around the world, serving the same hearty dining experience to our customers as our 2,000 domestic stores.






No. 1 Korean Porridge Restaurant

Bonjuk is our flagship restaurant chain specializing in a variety of juk (Korean rice porridge) menus that we developed in South Korea. From Abalone Juk (the most popular dish at Bonjuk) to Sweet Pumpkin Juk, we offer the most authentic porridge menus that have made us a household name in South Korea.

Bonjuk & Bibimbab
Premium Korean Dining Place

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Bonjuk & Bibimbab

BONJUK & Bibimbap Cafe is a cafe-style restaurant that offers a diverse menu featuring Abalone Juk, various Bibimbap dishes, and Stone Bowl options. Combining two brands in one restaurant allows franchisees to maximize turnover while also streamlining management and marketing efforts.

Bonjuk & Lunchbox
Vibrant Experience with Korean Cuisine in a Lunchbox

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Bonjuk & Lunchbox

Bonjuk & Lunchbox is a Korean cuisine franchise that specializes in lunch orders, with our signature Korean-style lunchbox menus being the main highlight. We also offer a variety of other Korean food menus, including porridge options, Bibimbap variations, japchae, tteokbokki, kimbap, and more, making us a comprehensive Korean dining option. With our diverse menu options, franchisees can provide their customers with an authentic Korean culinary experience, while benefiting from efficient operations and marketing efforts.