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Please feel free to reach out to us for any inquiries or concerns you may have regarding Bonworld. We will assist you with prompt and informative responses.


Franchise Inquiries

I want to open a franchise overseas. Is it possible?

Opening a franchise overseas depends on whether we have a local corporation or partner (Master Franchise) in your desired region. If there’s a local corporation/partner, you can open a franchise through them. However, if there is no local corporation/partner in the country/region yet you’re interested in, we are not currently pursuing individual overseas franchise openings. If you inquire about the presence of a partner in the country or region of interest, we will guide you accordingly. Please leave your contact information and the desired region for opening a franchise, and we will connect you with a local corporation/partner later.

What is a Master Franchise?

A Master Franchise is a business model in which the headquarter grants franchise business rights through a partnership with a local corporation in a specific country/region. The Master Franchisee receives business rights from the headquarter and directly promotes the franchise business within a specific period/region, sharing the profits generated by the business with the headquarter. Our brand pursues overseas business in the form of a Master Franchise to maintain customer service quality and the business’s sustainability and scalability, which is why we are not considering opening an individual store personal level anymore.

What support does the headquarters provide to a Master Franchise partner?

Manuals for recipes, interior design, store operations, and various know-how for promoting future franchise businesses are provided. The exclusive right to receive brand goods and supplies including key sauces is also granted, and menu development suitable for the local market is also supported.

What are the qualifications for becoming a Master Franchise partner?

We target local business corporations that can understand and work closely with our brand’s philosophy and vision based on a mutual partnership with the headquarters. Specifically, there are basic qualifications such as possession of a business license to operate F&B stores and franchise businesses locally, relevant business experience, as well as preferential conditions that may apply depending on each case. We will provide specific details after receiving your business application.

What is the estimated amount of the initial investment required to obtain the Master Franchise business rights

The initial investment required to start a Master Franchise includes the cost of acquiring business rights (MF Fee), the cost of opening the first directly managed store, and the security deposit based on that. The one-time cost of business rights is calculated based on various factors that affect expected sales revenue, based on the population of the country/region you’re interested in. For the opening of the first store, there are fees such as franchise membership fees, education & travel expenses, opening supervising fees, and actual expenses incurred for opening the store (interior, initial goods, equipment, signage, etc.). The specific costs may vary depending on each market situation and the type of partnership contract and will be shared after the scope and schedule of the business are clarified through discussion.

I want to become a Master Franchise partner. What is the procedure?

The partner review and selection process basically proceeds in the following order: business application submission > first meeting > business scope confirmation > MOU signing > contract condition negotiation > contract finalization > education and preparation for opening the first store. This process may be added/modified depending on the case. Please complete and submit the business application form posted on our website, and we will review and contact you accordingly.

Food Product Inquiries

Where can I purchase Bonjuk’s ready-to-eat products?

Bonjuk’s ready-to-eat products are available at major Korean marts and local marts in countries such as the United States, Canada, Japan, China, Vietnam, Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, and Singapore. You can also purchase them online through channels such as Amazon and Shopee. Since sales locations vary by country and region, please inquire for more information, and we will guide you in detail.

Where should I contact for product-related inquiries (exchange/refund/suggestions)?

Please contact the store where you purchased the product for exchanges/refunds due to breakage or deterioration. If you have any other questions about the product or suggestions for the company, please submit them on the “Contact Us” page of our website, and we will respond as soon as possible.

I’m a wholesaler/retalier and want to import and distribute Bonjuk products to local retailers. How can I receive product supplies?

If the product is already being distributed locally, we will connect you with our partnering wholesaler who can supply our products to you. If the product has not yet been distributed, please submit a buying inquiry to, and we will consult with you and guide you accordingly.

Can I bring Bonjuk products sold in Korea and sell them as they are in my country? What is the minimum order quantity?

The Bonjuk products supplied by Bonworld are export-only products developed and produced in accordance with overseas supply and customs regulations. For domestic distribution products, additional work such as labeling that meets export/customs regulations and standards is required, and there may be cases where exports are not possible depending on the customs/inspection status of each country. For specific export conditions such as minimum order quantity, price, and specifications, please contact us at, and we will verify and guide you accordingly.

Collaboration & Partnership

Business Partnership

Bon World is looking for partners who can reach out to customers around the world. If you are interested in a new business venture, please contact us for business proposals and partnerships.

Influencer Collaboration

Are you a food influencer/blogger? Do you want to share the value of our brand with those around you? If you are interested in becoming an ambassador for our brand, please contact us for partnership opportunities along with your current platform, and Social Media /blog link.