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Bonworld offers a variety of ready meal and baby food products worldwide

Bonjuk’s Porridge Packs

Abalone & mushroom juk

Bowl: 270g / Pouch: 300g, 500g

Made with fresh abalone and nutritious Korean mushroom. Chewy and creamy texture with unique seafood flavor.

Vegetable juk

Bowl: 270g / Pouch: 300g, 500g

Made with fresh veggies with a savory taste and creamy texture Contains squash, mushroom, carrot, and other various.

Sweet red bean juk

Bowl: 270g / Pouch: 300g, 500g

Traditional porridge taste meets modern-day recipe. A sweet and savory Juk made with slow-cooked red bean.

Spicy seafood & Vegebale juk

Bowl: 270g / Pouch: 300g, 500g

Nutritious and flavorful seafood combined with the jjamppong sauce fills your mouth with the exclusive taste of Bonjuk.

Octopus & Kimchi Juk

Bowl: 270g / Pouch: 300g, 500g

The perfect combination of octopus’ chewy and tender texture and kimchi’s spicy and savory flavor.

Sweet pumpkin Juk

Bowl: 270g / Pouch: 300g, 500g

A soft and nutritious Juk made with sweet pumpkin. Rich in sweetness that comes from honey without other artificial sweeteners.

Tuna and Veggie Juk

Bowl: 270g / Pouch: 300g, 500g

Made with various fresh veggies topped up with nutritious tuna. Savory taste and creamy texture.

Seafood Juk

Bowl: 270g / Pouch: 300g, 500g

A mixture of tasty shrimp, squid, and other various seafood flavors in your mouth.


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Kids Jang-Jo-Rim
Pear-Balloon flower drink

Future Releases

Multigrain Powdered Mix

Inspired by the Korean traditional multigrain drink called “misugaru”, the mix can be a simple and nutritious meal replacement during a busy day. It is a low-calorie, caffeine-free drink in an easy-to carry stick pack.

Samgyejuk / Samgyetang

(Ginseng Chicken Porride / Soup)

Samgyejuk and Samgyetang are some of Bonjuk’s signiture porridge and tang(Korean style stew) menus made with deep-boiled whole chicken and ginseng root, along with mushroom. This chicken-flavored creamy porridge and tang also comes in a microwavable pouch pack for convenience.

Sauce Bon

Every Asian cuisine has a different sauce that matches its flavor. Sauce Bon is a unique sauce optimized for Korean dishes, a perfect addition to our already-flavorful foods.